How to bring "Press Conference To Complete"screen programmatically in 9971

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    Created by: Umesh Chaurasia on 29-04-2011 09:50:37 AM
    We are developing an application which sends text message to 9971 IP phones, message resides on phone for few seconds and closes automatically. During our testing customer pointed out one issue as below-
    - While making conference call the "Press Conference To Complete" appears, user clicks on "Conference" soft key to establish the conference. If text message reaches in-between, the "Press Conference To Complete" screen disappears. Even after text message screen is closed the "Press Conference To Complete"  screen is not visible. Customer wants to bring back same screen after closing of text message screen.
    Is there any URL of CUCM or phone key which I can call from my application to bring back same screen?
    We have given option to customer by clicking on the key sequence Conference->Active Calls->Conference but customer is not ready to accept it.
    Let me know if there is any solution available.
    Thanks & Regards,