Call blocking based on duration

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    Created by: ILIAS TZIMOURAKAS on 30-04-2011 09:22:22 AM
    Hello all.
    I am a beginner to cisco tcl programming. I have wrote a tcl script simple enough wich is only this:
    ios_config "dial-peer voice 52 pots" "shutdown"
    i saved it in flash:shutdown.tcl and add it to the application section service shutdown flash:shutdown.tcl
    and put it in an outbound dial-peer voice pots (just to trigger the script when calling with that dial-peer) with service shutdown out-bound
    as excpected the call to this dial-peer does not processed but the commnad that i issued also doesn't run.
    I can see this if after that i run a show run | section dial-peer voice 52 pots (the dial-peer is still no shut).
    Although when i run the tcl script with tclsh command it works.
    My main objective is to create a tcl program that blocks calls to a specific outgoing dial-peer when the overall duration of calls on this dial-peer during a period of month exceeds a given time (it will be used for calls to cell phones so that there will be no further costs than the allowed). Is this possible?
    Is this going to be written with TCL IVR scripting? Do i have to include an inbound script also or an outbound script is enough?
    Thank you.

    Subject: RE: Call blocking based on duration
    Replied by: Yaw-Ming Chen on 02-05-2011 12:29:27 AM

    The Tcl I in this forum is voice related API (as you can see from the name Tcl IVR)

    The Tcl script you are working on I think is Cisco IOS Tcl. You can try this site  to see where people asking IOS Tcl question.

    You can take a look this site as well