UCCX 8 - No CALL_CONNECTION_CLEARED_EVENT after outbound call ends

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    Created by: Krunoslav Sabljak on 29-04-2011 10:13:55 AM
    Hi everybody!
    I'm having some problems with recieving call events when using outbound feature in uccx 8.
    The problem is:
    when the outbound call ends (the client terminates the call), sometimes the application does not receive neither AGENT_STATE_EVENT or CALL_CONNECTION_CLEARED_EVENT.
    To be precise, the order of events receiving should be:
    1. AGENT_STATE_EVENT, with CSQState set to 5 (WORK)
    Based on those two events i can simulate "button mask" appropriate for Agent state "WORK".
    If i don't receive those two events, the last agent CSQState is still 4 (Talking). In the application we've implemented option to end call that generates CLEAR_CONNECTION_REQ request but in these situations there is no effect, the agent can hit the button a hundred times but the UCCX will not respond, there is no CLEAR_CONNECTION_CONF message or even CONTROL_FAILURE_CONF message.
    But, if the agent hangs up using IP phone, in most cases (not all of them), application receives AGENT_STATE_EVENT and CALL_CONNECTION_CLEARED_EVENT.
    If the agent terminates the call first (using application or IP phone), everything works just fine.
    So, if anyone has a lucid explanation why is this happening, i would appreciate sharing your knowledge with me.
    With regards,