SQL statement to insert an entry to personal address book of a user

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    Created by: Bilge Cetin on 28-04-2011 08:30:26 AM
    Hi folks,
    I must say I don't have good knowledge of the SQL querries. 
    I am trying the find a way to insert a personal directory entry for a given user using the AXL interface.
    I had seen in another post how to read (SELECT) a personal address book entry:
    String query = "SELECT addr.firstname, addr.lastname, tp.name FROM enduser e INNER JOIN personalphonebook p ON p.fkenduser = e.pkid AND e.userid = '" + user 
                    + "' INNER JOIN personaladdressbook addr ON addr.pkid = p.fkpersonaladdressbook AND p.phonenumber = '" + number 
                    + "' INNER JOIN typepersonalphonenumber tp ON tp.enum = p.tkpersonalphonenumber";
    (by Stephan Steiner)
    Any ideas for the insert into statement?