service-module session asking for username/password

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    Created by: Jiasi Li on 25-04-2011 03:44:26 PM
    We are at a customer site.  They have 2921 router.  We brought our pre-configured and working SRE-V module from a 3945 router with a permanent license.  Plugged it in and configured the mfg ip address and default gateway.  Could not ping the hypervisor...  When we tried to enter

    # service-module sm1/0 session

    it returns with: Privileged access only...  then followed by  UserName: and Password:

    Nobody on our side has configured a session username and password.  None of this is documented.   Could this have due to the permanent license installed from a different router?

    Urgent reply is appreciated...
    >>> Customer router config is forthcoming

    Subject: RE: service-module session asking for username/password
    Replied by: Brett Tiller on 25-04-2011 03:52:40 PM
    Hi Jiasi,

    The login requirement sounds like something due to the router configuration.  Please attach the configuration and we can check both issues.