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Created by: Alka Malik on 19-04-2011 08:49:44 AM
I'm trying to talk to my catalyst 2960 and it used to work, though I did power cycle it
now I get
 Tue Apr 19 08:44:57 2011  ew_init_sockets: Could not bind listening socke
t 132 (10049:Unknown error)
perhaps I did some configuration enabling thing that was not saved to NVRAM
anybody know what this means and how to get it 'binding' again?

Subject: RE: API trouble
Replied by: Luis Suau on 19-04-2011 10:21:01 AM

You should have configured the M-API service on the switch:
energywise management shared-secret xxxxx
where xxxxx is your M-API password.

Please ensure that the domain name and management shared secret configured on your application match what is specified on the switch configuration.



Subject: RE: API trouble
Replied by: Alka Malik on 19-04-2011 01:13:33 PM
This turned out to be a bad specification of local host addr,
but I still can't talk directly to the endpoints (a WTI VMR in this case)