Figure out userid from MAC Address

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    Created by: WILL DELAUGHTER on 18-04-2011 06:13:45 PM
    OK...I'm hoping there is an easy way to do this...
    I have been tasked with adding remote destination profiles to hundreds of existing phones & users from an excel sheet of MAC addresses.  My usual workflow for building rdp's while doing it during a phone build is this:
    execute addRemoteDestinationProfile
    execute updateUser
    execute addRemoteDestination
    execute updatePhone
    What I need to figure out is if given an excel sheet of only MAC addresses, how can I programatically figure out the userID that has that SEP listed under its controlledDevices field (if any).  Obviously this would be easy if the client had given me an excel sheet of userID's instead of MACS, and I don't want to do getUser on 15,000 users just to figure out which ones control SEP's in my table.  Once I know the userID / phone pair, I can do a getUser and getPhone to get all the fields I need to populate the above 4 AXL procedures.
    Any ideas out there?