Custom LDAP Directory - Display Multiple Numbers per Entry

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    Created by: Frank Wakelin on 15-04-2011 02:23:32 PM
    Hi All:
    I'm looking to create a custom directory using the SDK that will query an external LDAP server (AD) and return multiple numbers per person.  I have the sample ASP / LDAPSearch COM object working but am having some trouble getting the results to display on the phone.  Clearly this needs a little more customization but my skills are clearly not where they need to be.
    Surely this is common request and has been done before.  Can anyone assist and/or share their script?

    Subject: RE: Custom LDAP Directory - Display Multiple Numbers per Entry
    Replied by: NIGEL WARBURTON on 16-04-2011 05:47:06 AM
    Are you saying that you are formating in XML but its not displaying on the phones? If so
    1. Have you acquired and read the Cisco XSI document which explains the formatting?
    2. The document is quite good but it doesnt tell you easily why something will fail. I would start with formatting the messages manually and work back from there. Dont forget there are a number of escape characters that must worked on. Something like this typically needs a lot of debugging and detailed testing to ensure that it works in all scenarios (and users dont hit bugs which in turn makes IPT look rubbish - user perception is everything).
    3. If all else fails and would rather challenge some other part of the solution you can always acquire a commercial version and let those guys take the strain (i did post some information a few weeks back about 1 that I have used).
    Hope this helps.