Multiline MenuItems in 89xx/99xx directories

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    Created by: Stefan Slominski on 13-04-2011 09:04:04 AM
    Hey guys,
    we developped a Multi-Directory for our customers.
    This includes a user-defined search and display of multiple results.
    For example, when you search for lastname=ab then all possible contacts will be displayed in a CiscoIPPhoneMenu (includes paging).
    All works great on 79xx phones, the results are displayed in 3 lines per single result. Our template looks like:
    line 1: firstname lastname
    line 2: company location
    line 3: telephone number
    On the new phone generation 89xx and 99xx those results are displayed in a single line:
    line 1: firstname lastnamecompany locationtelephonenumber
    We tested \n as well as \r\n in our output-template.
    Is there any way to tell those phones to display MenuItems in multi-line?
    Thanks & regards

    Subject: RE: Multiline MenuItems in 89xx/99xx directories
    Replied by: Stefan Slominski on 06-05-2011 05:11:43 AM
    also tested:
    <p />
    <br />
    didn't work :/