Getting FAILURE_CONF on email CSQ

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    Created by: BRETT LOONEY on 08-04-2011 12:41:33 AM
    Have written some code that does a set of QUERY_QUEUE_STATISTICS_REQ against a CCX box (v8.0) - this works fine for the majority of CSQ but then the CSQ is an email queue, I get back FAILURE_CONF - even though the query is identical to the other queries (except for the CSQ Id).
    Additionally, the four-byte status that is returned is 000157D5 which is not listed in the CTI developer guide. I do get a string back as well: "ESD IA Q Stats is null".
    A hex dump of the returned message is below (from the InvokeID onwards):
        00 00 22 1F 00 01 57 D5  07 16 45 53 44 20 49 41   .."...W...ESD IA
        51 20 53 74 61 74 73 20  69 73 20 6E 75 6C 6C 00   Q Stats is null.
    Any idea why this would be happening? It occurs regardless of whether there is an email in the queue or not. As per other queues, I'd expect a valid response with lots of zeros if there was nothing in the queue. The code appears to be valid - I get valid numbers and can parse the response correctly for other CSQ that are taking calls.
    Thanks for any help.

    Subject: RE: Getting FAILURE_CONF on email CSQ
    Replied by: BRETT LOONEY on 08-05-2012 07:58:45 PM
    FYI - ended up raising a TAC case for this. Getting statistics from email queues is not supported. The documentation kind of says this but is not definitive but the answer from the TAC is.