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    Created by: Joost Van Der Made on 31-03-2011 03:16:30 AM
    Hello Team,
    I'm trying to connect SocialMiner to CUIC, but I got some problems with the CUIC fields.
    Here are my fields : (SocialMiner is the DNS name of the server)
    Database host : ${SocialMiner}
    Port : 1526
    Databasename : mmca_data
    Instance : SocialMiner_mmca
    Timezone : Europe/Amsterdam
    Databaseuser ID : reportinguser
    Password : hidden
    charset : UTF-8
    If I use this configuration I get the error :
    java.sql.SQLException: com.informix.asf.IfxASFException: Attempt to connect to database server (SocialMiner_mmca) failed.
    If I change the Database host into : SocialMiner, I receive an error :
    java.sql.SQLException: INFORMIXSERVER does not match either DBSERVERNAME or DBSERVERALIASES.
    Although the wikidocumentation is clear, I'm unable to create a connection between CUIC and Socialminer.
    I found the answer at the SocialMiner logging :
    The databasehost can be socialminer with all lowercase and the instances should also be with lowercase.
    Now it's working.
    Joost vd Made.

    Subject: RE: Connection with CUIC
    Replied by: Tod Famous on 09-06-2011 01:41:41 PM