AD integration with CUCM/IP phones

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    Created by: Chetesh Devchand on 28-03-2011 04:29:15 PM
    I am gearing for a UC (CUCM/UCx/Presence) deployment that needs to integrate a CUCM v8.0(3) cluster with two Microsoft AD domain controller servers. These domain controllers are part of the same AD domain and will be configured to back each other up (single forest). In addition, the domain controllers will communicate with distributed CUCMs (one in City X and the other in city Y) that are part of the same cluster.
    Essentially, I need to know how to configure CUCM so that if user A wants to do a search on their IP phone for ¿John Doe¿, then he/she will get a return of the ¿John Doe¿ from a particular city, and not get a return of ALL the John Doe¿s in the country. Is there a way to partition a directory to do a look up of John Doe from a particular region? If so, do any of you have documentation that shows how to configure this in CUCM?
    I¿ve seen in various Cisco UC deployments where IP phones can be used to search for users based on a city, so that if I were to search for ¿John Doe¿, I could limit the search of this user to a particular city and not end up with multiple search results for John Doe. Please let me know if anyone has run into this issue and knows how to provide this integration.

    Subject: RE: AD integration with CUCM/IP phones
    Replied by: David Staudt on 29-03-2011 01:29:27 PM
    What you describe is certainly possible, but is going to require some programming work - not something that can be configured on a default UCM setup.
    The built-in directory search feature accessible on an IP phone searches the UCM user database.  If this user database is synced with AD, then the results will include any user records that are synced from AD.  As you are aware the built-in phone directory search does not provide for additional search fields (like location,) and indeed fields like location are not synced from AD in any case.
    So, in order to solve the requirement, a custom IP Phone Services web application would need to be created and hosted.  This application would serve HTTP requests from IP phones, serve up XML display and user input documents for the user to interact with, and then perform the programmatic lookup against AD - returning the search results again to the phone using XML display documents.  This service would then be provisioned on the phones as a replacement for the built-in service.
    The IP Phone Services SDK provides many of the elements (and all of the IP Phone XML services API documentation) to build such a solution, but it will be a custom development project.

    Subject: RE: AD integration with CUCM/IP phones
    Replied by: NIGEL WARBURTON on 08-04-2011 10:58:21 AM
    Might be worth looking at the Multi Directory application which I believe would give you everything you need. Hope this helps.