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    Created by: Stephan T on 25-03-2011 03:32:55 PM
    Hey guys,
    greetings to everyone!
    First I have to say, that I am writing you from
    germany, insofar for some of you my english might be very bad, beforhand I am
    sorry about that !
    I am trying to implement a Phone Service by using
    the Cisco Call Manager and the Cisco IP Phones 7945G. The problem ist hat I
    don't have any experiences with PHP or XML, just a few knowledge about MySQL
    does exist, but I am trying to figure out these things since 2 weeks now and I
    am really willing to learn and find out things by myself.
    The Purpose of the Service is to show contact
    information (first name, last name, email, picture) of the caller in the
    display, instantly when a call appears.
    What I have done so far:
    -       I have created a database which provides the data for the contact information.
    -       I have written a simple php-script which establishes the connection to my database and puts out ''done!''in the phone display.
    -       Integrate the service (script) in the Call Manager.
    This works fine so far, if I navigate through the
    service menu of the phone, I can select this service and execute it, which
    brings the output to the phone.
    The problem is that this is so undynamic as can
    Now, in which aspect I need your help:
    I have to find a way to trap events from the callmanager
    (or wherever information of a call appears), because  -like I already said- I would like to display
    the information of the caller in the display, instantly!
    In addition to that I have to link the names of
    the callers which are handled in my database 
    with something like a ''caller-ID''.
    I really hope that you understand where the
    problem is (except from my english grammar ). Maybe you can give me some
    assistance or some good tips.
    In advance, thank you very much!
    Best wishes