IP PHone going to Services screen

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    Created by: Chandan Agrawal on 24-03-2011 09:16:33 AM
    I have created an application which is accessible from the Services screen. So the user goes into Services screen and then selects my application. When the user does this, the backend script fires and changes the CSS of the phone which cuases the phone to restart which is alright. But after restart, the phone goes back into the Services screen which is something I dont want.
    Whereas I can do a few things to exit from the screen, but I want to know whats causing this? Is the phone remembering where it was before the restart and going back into the same place? Another thing that it was not happening in v6.x of call manager but started to happen in v 7.x of call manager.
    Any ideas?

    Subject: RE: IP PHone going to Services screen
    Replied by: Jeffrey Ness on 24-03-2011 09:26:33 AM
    When I've made IP Phone Services that trigger a restart of the phone, I usually just indicate it on the phone and give the user an Exit softkey since the newer IP phone firmware does remember what services were open.  You could use a refresh header and have the target of that execute the internal URI Init:Services to clear the screen.

    Subject: RE: IP PHone going to Services screen
    Replied by: Chandan Agrawal on 24-03-2011 09:30:30 AM
    Correct. This is what i would do finally but I am more interested in knowing whats causing this...