/CGI/Screenshot Error: <CiscoIPPhoneError Number="0">

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    Created by: vaibhav gupta on 17-03-2011 04:44:03 AM
    I have been working on an application that requires a screenshot of the cisco ip phone.
    When i enter the phone ip address in my web browser it displays the phone information correctly,but when i append /CGI/Screenshot at the end its ip,it displays
    <CiscoIPPhoneError Number="0">
    I went through the documentation,and concluded that there is problem with the authencation with the call manager.
    Please refer the following details:
    1.Call Manager 8.5 running on Vmware ESX 4.1
    2.Cisco IP Phones-7970 and 7941 with the latest firmware loaded required with CUCM8.5
    3.Using IE7 running IIS
    The following are the steps that i followed,please correct me if i missed out something:
    1.Created an End User and an Application User on CUCM8.5 and associated the end devices. i gave the roles CCMAdmin user and APIUser.
    CUCM ip-
    7970 ip-
    7941 ip-
    2.Next on CUCM8.5
    System->Enterprise Parameters
    i replaced the URL authencation address 'cucmpub8' to its ip address ''(just to make sure if the phone is not able to resolve its hostname,so i replace it with its ip address)
    3.Then on my web browser i entered the ip address of the 7970 phone
    it correctly displays the information
    Then i appended /CGI/Screenshot as: ''
    i get a authentication screen,where i enter the credentials of the END USER
    Then the issue arrises where i get a screen which only displays
    <CiscoIPPhoneError Number="0">
    Then i tried the same with APPLICATION USER and on 7940,but with no success
    Please help guys if i'm missing out something.Please feel free to ask any further detail.
    Any help of any sort is really appreciated