TCL: connection create and fax

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    Created by: boris borodin on 16-03-2011 07:54:16 AM
    Can someone consult me about CONNECTION CREATE command in Cisco TCL API?
    I need to make the following trick: 2 callers call to my number (POTS or VOIP), service registers the first call, and then hand off the second incoming call to the first call's application instance, where then a conference between them is created. When the both calls are just voice, persons hears each other. But there is a problem with sending faxes through this conferecne, they cannot recieve a CNG from the other side or establish t38 session, just a periodical short signal.
    Does someone know, how the CONNECTION CREATE command works in fax call case?

    Subject: RE: TCL: connection create and fax
    Replied by: Anusha Kannappan on 16-03-2011 09:11:19 AM
    Hi Boris,

    Not very sure whether we will be able to detect the cng tone in this scenario or not. May be you can just give a try by disconnecting the voice call and later reconnect them using the leg tonedetect to make fax call.