/CGI/Screenshot - /GCI/Execute - CiscoIPPhoneError="4"

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    Created by: Francisco Espana on 21-03-2011 01:43:13 AM
        I have a script that usees /CGI/Screenshot to get the screenshot of 7975s and /CGI/Execute to send some commands. I have this script running for a few months already and everything works fine. The IP Phone load has recently been upgraded to SCCP75.9-1-1SR1S (from SCCP75.8-3-2S) and now the exact same script does not work anymore and I always get the unauthorized error: <CiscoIPPhoneError Number="4"/>.
        I would appriciate if anybody could tell me what might have changed to that would could cause this issue as well as a possible solution. I have tried added the user to a few additional groups but it is still unauthorized.

    Subject: RE: /CGI/Screenshot - /GCI/Execute - CiscoIPPhoneError="4"
    Replied by: Jayant Anand on 21-03-2011 12:18:56 PM
    Hi Francisco

    I would like to clear a few things:
    1. Are you able to extract the information if you enter the ip address of the phone in your web browser?
    2.Are you able to login to the ccmuser page?
    3. What is the CUCM version you are using?


    Subject: Re: New Message from Francisco Espana in IP Phone Services (IPPS) - IP Phon
    Replied by: Sascha Monteiro on 21-03-2011 05:16:24 PM

    1/ is the user associated with the device?
    2/ is the authentication url accessible from the phone?
    3/ try not to use the script and go to http://<phone-ip>/CGI/Screenshot
        and enter the details of the app user you use for authentication

    Subject: RE: /CGI/Screenshot - /GCI/Execute - CiscoIPPhoneError="4"
    Replied by: Francisco Espana on 21-03-2011 04:58:47 PM
    Hi Jayant,

         Thanks for you reply.

         1. Web access is enabled and I can extract the IP Phone information though any web browser.
         2. Yes, I can access the ccmuser pages
         3. I am running


    Subject: RE: /CGI/Screenshot - /GCI/Execute - CiscoIPPhoneError="4"
    Replied by: Francisco Espana on 21-03-2011 07:45:47 PM
    Hi Sascha,

    Thanks for your time.

    1. Yes it is.
    2. Yes it is.
    3. I get the same error in the browser. (<CiscoIPPhoneError Number="4"/>)