Healthcare Dictation Feature

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    Created by: David Southworth on 01-03-2011 03:44:50 PM
    I am curious if the following is possible:
    Here¿s what our specific request described:
    ¿When a doctor with a 2-line phone hits their dictation key (key #2), the phone¿s display dials and then displays the dictation number.  But when they enter their dictation login and chart number info using the keypad, the digits they¿re typing do not display, which makes it difficult to determine if they¿re entering the proper number.  This creates the possibility of error when entering a patient¿s chart number to post the dictation to.¿
    This is the specific application to us.  But I don¿t think it matters what a Cisco phone user would be dialing (dictation or any other number), or if they had a 2-button or other phone.
    The generalized requested enhancement would be a way to display keypad digits pressed subsequent to call establishment.  In our case, that provides a way to monitor the correctness of digits input to the dictation interface, which in our case is just the phone¿s keypad.  But it would apply to any phone-based application that required keypad digits to be entered after call establishment.

    A customer requested this as an enhancement. Thanks, Dave Southworth