TCL CallForwarding problem

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    Created by: DALCIO TITO  DOS SANTOS on 25-02-2011 01:59:56 PM
    Hi All, 
    I have an application that receives a call (but don't answer it) - leg a,  and initiate another using another destination number - leg b. When leb b alerts, the "leg alert leg_incoming" is applied, then when leg b answers the call , the leg a is answered (leg connect) and the connection between leg a and leg b is created (connection create).
    This scenario works fine on IOS 12.3, but on IOS 12.4 it doesn't work well - it doesn't allow 2 simultaneos calls. 
    Any idea about this ?
    The complete tcl file is attached on message.
    Tnx for any help.

    Subject: RE: TCL CallForwarding problem
    Replied by: Raghavendra Gutty Veeranagappa on 28-02-2011 02:21:55 AM
    Hi dalcio,

    please send us logs by enabling following debugs for both sucess and failure cases.

    debug voip app
    debug voip ccapi default