AxisFault & CUCM 8.0.3

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    Created by: Gordon Ross on 23-02-2011 04:30:46 PM
    I'm trying to use the SOAP AXL interface, and I started by calling the getPhone() API call. However, the client stub (cretaed by Axis2 wsdl2java) keeps on throwing AxisFault exceptions.
    A little bit of digging shows that sometimes, the setXXXX() methods are receiving empty string parameter values, rather than expected values. e.g. the set_boolean() method is being passed an empty (not NULL) string, rather than expected values (one of 't', 'f','true', 'false', '0', '1').
    Looking at the SOAP message on the wire, the SOAP message appears to be basically correct (although I haven't validated it against the WSDL)
    Either this is a bug in CUCM 8.0.3, or the WSDL is broken. (or Apache AXIS is producing incorrect Java code. I've tried the latest snapshot AXIS2 code, and that didn't produce any difference compared to the last release code.)
    Any suggestions ?

    Subject: RE: AxisFault & CUCM 8.0.3
    Replied by: Gordon Ross on 25-02-2011 01:52:53 AM
    This appears to be a bug in Axis2.

    If you switch from the default of using ADB databinding to using XMLBEANS databinding (and amend your code appropriately) then everything is fine.

    Subject: RE: AxisFault & CUCM 8.0.3
    Replied by: Gordon Ross on 25-02-2011 02:29:13 AM
    Up to now, I've been using the SQL API, and manually creating & reading the SOAP packets. I thought I'd investigate using the "proper" AXL SOAP API with a "proper" SOAP toolkit.

    This whole problem of just getting one simple API call to work is putting me *right* off using the SOAP API, and just sticking to what I'm doing. My code is simpler, smaller and less CUCM version dependant compared to all this fancy SOAP stuff.


    Subject: RE: AxisFault & CUCM 8.0.3
    Replied by: Stefan Schallmeiner on 25-02-2011 02:21:48 AM
    Just for the sake of history:

    In 6.1. CUCM there was a lot - and I mean a LOT - to fix either in the wsdl or in the resulting code, and it was generally a pain in the a**. We are now using 7.1 CuCM and there was still some things to fix, but it got better and some functions were added and now AXL is pretty usable. We are generating the Code still with Axis 1.2 wsdl2java,... I don't know how's the status of 8.0 AXL but I don't know if i can take another version switch of my code  glare