AXL/Axis2 and 8.0

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    Created by: Dan Gavenda on 23-02-2011 08:22:51 AM
    I'm a newbie looking for direction on AXL/Axis2 and 8.0.  I was able to use wsdl2java to generate and compile the code.  Now, I looking at using the stub to make calls.  I do have a 127MB file.    Is there any sample code?  Or is there documentation that I have missed?
    I have found some 7.0 code:
    loc=new AXLAPIServiceLocator ();

                stub = (AXLAPIBindingStub)loc.getAXLPort();
    But, I don't seem to have the AXLAPIServiceLocator.  Is this a problem of mine or did Cisco change it?   Do I use the stub only?

    Subject: RE: AXL/Axis2 and 8.0
    Replied by: Gordon Ross on 23-02-2011 01:06:06 PM
    I had the following close to working:

    AXLAPIServiceStub stub = new AXLAPIServiceStub("https://cucmserver:8443/axl/");

    I managed to make a request, and saw the reply come back over the wire, then I started getting weird AXIS/SOAP errors and gave up :-(

    If you get it working, *please* tell me what you did.