How to set call handler owners

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    Created by: Shadan Saniepour Esfahani on 15-02-2011 02:55:47 PM
    I need to configure the callhandler owners for my customer using CUPI API. I couldnt find anything related to this on CUPI documentation. Is this supported? How can we do this?
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    Subject: RE: How to set call handler owners
    Replied by: Jon Finke on 20-04-2011 02:33:25 PM
    I also need to do this.  With past version of Unity, we could set the owner of a call handler to a distribution list and then maintain the members of the list.  But with Unity 7, it appears we can add individual owners, but I am unable to find a way in CUPI to even LIST the owners of a call handler, let alone set the owners.