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    Created by: Mayank Sharma on 15-02-2011 01:17:17 PM
    I created a C# application which uses AXL to get information from several call managers. Now since we have a call managers with different versions on them, AXLAPIService os faling with 599 code, which means it does not recognize the version sent by AXLAPIService class. If I change it to newer version 7.x, service starts failing for call managers 6.x and vice-versa.
    What would you suggest I do in this situation?

    Subject: RE: Switch AXLAPIService version
    Replied by: Gordon Ross on 16-02-2011 01:22:34 AM
    I don't use C#/.NET, but the AXL APIs are supposed to be backwards compatible for at least one major version. So you should be able to use 6.0 APIs on a 7.0 version. (However, I'm not sure that 7.0 would work on 6.0) The

    I've had the backwards compatibility working for 6.0/7.0 & 7.0/8.0

    The PDF document "CUCM XML Developer Guide" documents this in the section "AXL Versioning Support"


    Subject: RE: Switch AXLAPIService version
    Replied by: Mayank Sharma on 16-02-2011 08:19:51 AM
    Thanks Gordon.