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    Created by: Jason Schwefel on 08-02-2011 06:01:07 PM
    I am new to TCL programming and I am having problem. It seems to me that it should be simples, but I must be missing something.
    Here is what I am doing:
    Call is placed.
    Inbound VoIP dial-peer is matched with my scipt attached.
    Outgoing dial-peer is matched
    Gateway places call
    Call is answered
    Caller that the call was placed too presses a key
    -------This is what I cannot figure out---------
    Outgoing leg (over the PSTN) is dropped
    Incoming leg (that originally hit the voip dial-peer) is transfered to XXXX
    Does anyone have a snippit of code for doing this type of transfer? I am not doing anything otherwise special with the call, I just want to kill one leg and transfer the other leg to a new number.

    Subject: RE: Call Transfer Help
    Replied by: Yaw-Ming Chen on 08-02-2011 06:23:25 PM
    Without looking the script it's hard to say what's wrong. But sounds like you just want to do a transfer.
    incoming leg (1) connected to outgoing leg(2), now you want to drop leg(2) and connect leg(1) to leg(3), something like that.
    The key is that leg(1) and leg(2) is connected. You need to use "connection destroy con_all" to break the connection then you can use "leg diconnect" to drop whatever leg you like to drop then setup call to the new destination
    You can go to look for the script. This script is complex you just need to liik for how to use "connection destroy"


    Subject: RE: Call Transfer Help
    Replied by: Max Lamovich on 08-02-2011 09:48:13 PM
    Simple script, which using transfer and consultation.

    Subject: RE: Call Transfer Help
    Replied by: Jason Schwefel on 11-02-2011 05:35:59 PM

    Got it working