Line Button Position

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    Created by: Abhishek Malhotra on 04-02-2011 08:47:29 AM
    Can someone please help me with a query on how to get line button position on a phone?
    I am using CUCM version 6.1
    My Cisco 7960 IP Phone has 4 lines configured, i am looking for a way to find which line exists on on which line button position.

    Subject: RE: Line Button Position
    Replied by: Sudhakar Ranganathasamy on 08-02-2011 09:05:21 AM

    In the getPhone Response index parameter in the <line> tag represents the position of the line.

    Eg. Here 3 represents the line position.
    <line index="3" uuid="{7EBB8008-375A-421A-50A9-2F8160A09BDA}">