UCCX integration with SOAP Service

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    Created by: Md. Sultan Al Arif on 03-02-2011 12:30:50 AM
    I want to integrate my UCCX with a SOAP Service. its one kind of Custome Java Application. Please refer me some good guid line

    Subject: RE: UCCX integration with SOAP Service
    Replied by: Steven Pawlak on 04-02-2011 08:46:39 AM
    There are no guidelines for interacting with SOAP from the CCX system. Only HTTP and HTTPS are the official protocols supported.

    That being said, there are people who wrote their own Java classes to make the SOAP call. You should be able to find one of those over at supportforums.cisco.com.

    Also, any custom Java in CCX will require the Enhanced or Premium levels since Standard does not support Java.

    A really crafty person with some java skill would figure out how to make the call using the Expression Editor and an XML template file. Perhaps wrap that up in a subscript and variablize it so that the sub script could be used for any SOAP call. Then you would keep all your requests in XML templates and pass them in as needed, make the call, strip out the SOAP header and pass back the package XML from the SubFlow to the calling app. Where you could treat is as just an XML file.