CUCME XML Api response size and traffic limitation

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    Created by: Stephan Eckbauer on 20-01-2011 06:10:10 AM
    I am using the AXL interface of the CallManager Express (V8) to get all available devices and ephone-dn.

    I am using ISgetDevice with filter "all".

    There is a maximum response size of 64k (in ixi transport http -  response size).

    In case the answer for all devices does not fit in the response buffer, I get a CME_XML_BUFFER_ERR Not enough buffer for response, please config a larger one.

    First question: Is there any solution for the response size limit?

    I now tried to work around this problem and first go and call ISgetDevice  with "allTag". That makes the response smaller an I get a list of available DeviceIDs.

    Now I iterate through the list of DeviceIDs and call ISgetDevice for each of them.

    After calling this function about 60 times (for the first 60 DevicesIDs) the next SOAP request takes about 20 seconds to complete.

    This is not acceptable.

    Second question: Is there a limitation for the amount of web service requests per second? Is there any solution?

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