how can I pass the ANI or a collected PIN to the CRM with UCCX?

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    Created by: Mario Alessandro Paolelli on 18-01-2011 04:27:22 AM
    Hallo everybody.
    The subject is quite explicative: how can I pass the ANI or a collected PIN to the CRM?
    I can use the CAD, obviously, but the customer needs to have the ANI or a collected PIN in order to wake-up the CRM with the correct datas. I'm used to UCCE/ICM and in that case I would have hade my dear PIN in a CallVariable and I would have received it on the CTI OS Phone Bar... but what about UCCX?
    Please help!!!
    Thanks in advance,

    Subject: RE: New Message from Mario Alessandro Paolelli in Unified Contact Center Ex
    Replied by: David Lender on 19-01-2011 03:45:35 PM
    You can pass Callvariables with UCCX.  I¿m not sure what method you are using to communicate to your CRM, but from the UCCX CTI side you should be able to save the collected PIN in a CallVariable.