AXL Validation

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    Subject: RE: AXL Validation
    Replied by: David Staudt on 18-01-2011 12:10:01 PM
    AXL does not do full WSDL validation, by design for performance reasons.  
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    Created by: HOLGER SIMON on 18-01-2011 10:52:48 AM
    im facing problems with axl request validation. As far as i know, the cucm(8) don't validates the request against the wsdl. Is there a an option, where i can activate the validation on cucm side?
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    Subject: RE: AXL Validation
    Replied by: HOLGER SIMON on 19-01-2011 05:20:56 AM
    Hello David,
    thanks, is there a way to switch it on in the cucm, or can i trust on the fact that this will never happen?