7.1(3) IP Phone Services SDK.zip Download !!

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    Created by: Vikas Jain on 17-01-2011 01:03:48 PM
    Hi Team,

    As per the IP Phone Services application development notes version 7.1(3), the latest IP Phones 99xx will be supported starting from this version (i.e. 7.1(3))

    Please review ¿XML Objects Supported for Release 7.1(3) Cisco Unified IP Phone Services SDK¿ in the link below:

    However, at the Developer support website, only the 7.1(2) IP Phone Services SDK.zip is available.
    Kindly suggest the location or link from where 7.1(3) IP Phone Services SDK can be obtained.
    This is for a customer requirement.

    Thanks in advance !!