Getting Cisco Phone information

Document created by cdnadmin on Jan 24, 2014
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Created by: MIGUEL MARTINEZ on 16-01-2011 09:51:26 PM
I am developing a JSP that creates an XML that is displayed on the Cisco IP Phones, using the services button. My idea is to allow the phone to query some data from a database but for audit trail purposes, I would like to record the phone which is sending the request meaning triggering the query. I know on JSPs we have a way to get the IP address of the remote host that is sending the request but if the phone is passing thru a proxy, I will get the address of the proxy and not the address of the real host (the ip phone).
Is there any way I would be able to get the Device name or the Directory Number using JSP and the libraries provided on the IP Phone Services SDK, if the answer is yes, could you please provide me with some sample code.