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    Created by: Jason Gullickson on 13-01-2011 04:00:30 PM
    I'm new to the AXL services so hopefully I'm just overlooking something simple, but what I need to do is get a list of all the CMC (Client Matter Codes) that exist in a call manager.
    I'm able to find the methods to add/delete/update/etc. but I can't find a method to call in the webservice to get a list of all avaliable CMC's.
    Any assistance is appreciated,

    Subject: RE: List all CMC's
    Replied by: David Staudt on 13-01-2011 05:12:46 PM
    What version of UCM are you working with?
    UCM 8.0 and onwards should have a listXXX request for CMCs.  Prior version may not, in which case you might need to use executeSQLQuery to query the CMC table directly.

    Subject: RE: List all CMC's
    Replied by: Jason Gullickson on 19-01-2011 12:40:10 PM
    We ended up going with executeSQLQuery, which did the trick.