CallerInfo is not work

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    Created by: Rami abdullah Khasawneh on 23-12-2010 08:42:46 AM
    I tried to implement the CallerInfo , I do the procedure .
    Install the CiscoIpService .
    Install Tomacta and jdk1.6.0_21 and Jtapi .
    I mad Active Directory Server 2008 .
    but i change the LDAP port from 8404 to 389 .
    when i implemnt it , active directory server refuse the connection even i enter the correct user name and password .
    after many time i tried to run the program the TOmcat server begin to appear exptions .
    I cant know if I understand the requerment well or not .
    I understand that we need to 2 server , Java server how made the jtapi account in the call the PhotoDirectory application and call  manager then connect to the AD LDAP server to get the information and the the Java server (Tomcat) send it back to the ip phones, and AD Ldap server how provide the JSP application with all needed information .