Authenticate user on the basis of Unity Pin

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    Created by: Manas Varma on 16-12-2010 06:37:58 AM
    Hi All,
        I am  stuck with this major issue of authenticating user on the basis of his unity voice mail pin on Unity 4.X systems (SQL).
       There is a table "PWDTMF" where the User's pin is stored in 32 bit Hexadecimal. Now I cant figure out how do I authenticate the user with this 32 bit Hex value, when he is just passing the 6 digit integer.
     Please HELP..

    Subject: RE: Authenticate user on the basis of Unity Pin
    Replied by: David Staudt on 16-12-2010 04:44:17 PM
    The password is surely an encrypted hash, and the algorithm secure - you will not be able to obtain the clear-text password for comparison.  There is no official API support or documentation for this version of Unity.  (Unity Connection 8 has some APIs covered on CDN:, see CUMI, CUPI, CUTI).
    Two unofficial thoughts, if hacks are acceptable:
    - Perhaps there is a stored procedure in the database that will perform a pass/fail authentication if given the user and password.  
    - Perhaps you can 'scrape' or otherwise query the Unity web server to get it to verify a user's credentials.  For example of Unity has user-accessible preference pages, you can emulate the HTTP request using the user's credentials to see if they are accepted.