Results UI very cumbersome (train +/-, discard, etc..)

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    Created by: Jeff Engle on 15-12-2010 03:56:58 PM
    I am finding the Results UI very cumbersome (train +/-, discard, etc..). Maybe I am not approaching this the right way?

    WM: The way that you described your methods is the process that I have seen the product manager use the train in , train out and discard. It is a manual process currently, that gets¿ better with time as the training takes place..

    Subject: RE: Results UI very cumbersome (train +/-, discard, etc..)
    Replied by: Tod Famous on 09-06-2011 01:39:10 PM
    Yes, I agree it's a little cumbersome.  We were probably emphasizing flexibility a bit too much when we designed this.

    Also, based on some prelim experience with this we advise you don't permanently train as it's possible to "over-train" the filter.  i.e. you should do a bit of training (say 30 min) then don't train any more.  See how the filter's working.

    You may go back in and tune it up a bit (training some more) later but you shouldn't stay in training mode permanently as there isn't much benefit to training beyond a certain point