DialURI:<Line number> displays the dialed line number for a while.

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    Created by: Murali Vasu on 10-12-2010 12:00:13 PM
    Hi All,
        We are using CUCM-5.1 & Cisco 7970 IP Phone, We have a IP phone service which displays the names of the users in the CUCM and while selecting the name it dials to the persons respective phone number, We are using Cisco XML's "DialURI:<line number>" . The problem we have here is while using this application to dial a persons number, it displays the Line number of the person for a moment and replaces it with "To Private",We would like to avoid this for secrity purpose , We would be thankful if anyone can help/guide on this issue.
    Thanks & Regards
    Murali Vasu