Dial peer matching for TCL IVR Script

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    Created by: JOEY WHELAN on 08-12-2010 06:55:23 PM
    I'm attempting to test a trivial TCL IVR app on a lab router, but am having difficulties dialing to it.  My set up is a 2801 with a FXS card/analog phone.  I'd like to dial directly to a peer on that router from that analog phone and have my TCL script execute.  Unfortunately, that isn't happening.  Below is my peer set up for the script.
    dial-peer voice 5555 pots
     service ivrapp
     incoming called-number 5555
    When I do a 'show dialplan number 5555', I get a 'No match' response which probably explains why I can't reach the app (I've also tried "destination-pattern 5555').   
    What is the correct way to set up this dial peer to be able to reach the TCL script from a directly attached analog phone.

    Subject: RE: Dial peer matching for TCL IVR Script
    Replied by: Yaw-Ming Chen on 08-12-2010 07:57:09 PM
    So you mean you want to use analog dial into router to trigger a script ?
    The dial-peer for the Tcl service doesn't have to be pots because of using pots phone to dial in.
    For example there are two pots lines 1001 and 1002. We want to use 1001 to invoke Tcl and send the call to 1002

    May need to change destination in script or translation in IOS

    dial-peer voice 5555 voip
     service tcltest
     destination-pattern 5555
     session target ipv4:
     incoming called-number 5555
     dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric
     no vad
    The following it's a outgoing dial-peer if we dial 5555
    dial-peer voice 5555 pots
     service ivrapp
     incoming called-number 5555