FCP - Feature Control Policy - 8961

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    Created by: Laurent TRELET on 03-12-2010 10:37:15 AM
    I have a problem with a particular field for a phone configuration.
    In the CUCM administration web page (V7.1 or 8.0), we can find a field named "Feature Control Policy" in 8961 parameters. However, in the AXL description, i can't find how to specify this field when i create a new 8961 phone (addPhone or updatephone... There is not this "feature Control Policy" parameter).
    This parameter "replace" the softkey template we could find for a 79XX phone.
    Do you know how to manage this paramter on a phone (89XX) with AXL API (without calling "executeSQLQuery" -> fkfeaturepolicycontrol in device table) ?

    Thank you in advance.