API for LDAP Synchronization in CUCM

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    Subject: RE: API for LDAP Synchronization in CUCM
    Replied by: David Staudt on 28-11-2010 01:21:06 AM
    There is currently no API for this, though I've seen it on the roadmap/backlog list.  You could probably do an HTTP screenscrape/playback from the ccmadmin web pages for something quick and dirty.
    Note on any kind of large system with many users, an LDAP sync is a high-impact operation...you won't want to trigger one frequently during the busy hours.
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    Created by: Dennis Kramer on 27-11-2010 11:17:57 PM
    Is there a way to invoke the "perfom full sync" for LDAP  from a script
    by using an API or another solution?
    We need this since we're provisioning the phones/lines/ext.mobility from a script and
    our endusers are retrieved with ldap from Active Directory.
    It would be nice if we could automate this process too.
    Any help is welcome.