Noted: VM/SRE license delta after upgrade.

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    Created by: Steve Matthews on 20-11-2010 01:33:58 AM
    Not sure if this would cause any long term effects however I noticed that the new 4.1 install on 35 has reinstated a 60 day vm license. Whereas the SRE module is counting down at 41 days for me - so the upgrade did not sync the vmware lic..
    Just a note really..not sure what happens at day 42.

    Subject: RE: Noted: VM/SRE license delta after upgrade.
    Replied by: John Voss on 20-11-2010 01:33:58 AM
    Licensing for SRE-V is controlled primarily through the Cisco SRE licensing. 
    When the production version of SRE-V starts shipping, the VMware 60 day eval license included with the Beta image will be replaced with a permanent VMware license. 
    However, to continue to use the SRE-V VMware software after the 60 day SRE eval time period runs out, you will need to install a valid SRE-V license from Cisco even after you install the production version of SRE-V.
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