TCL Events

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    Created by: JAMES DEPHILLIP II on 15-11-2010 03:13:35 PM
    When I am logging a session I see this when a call is transferred.
    *Oct 27 11:07:25.614: //441/2E04EE5C826A/AFW_:/Active_PassThru: Notify Display Name [CLUSTER_B], Notify Connected Number [4000]
    *Oct 27 11:07:25.702: //438//AFW_:/Active_Facility: Session 98, Leg Details: LegIn[441], LegOut[438], LegXOR[-1], LegXRE[-1], LegXTO[-1], Leg[438], LegOther[441]

    Is there a TCL event that would detect this during the call?
    Thank You

    Subject: RE: TCL Events
    Replied by: Yaw-Ming Chen on 15-11-2010 08:48:55 PM
    What is the resource of these logs (from what debiug command) ? Is IPphone registered on CME initiating the transfer ?
    For the transfer the event is ev_transfer_request.
    Thanks !