Cisco 7912 URI problem

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    Created by: Marwa Ads on 10-11-2010 10:18:39 AM
    Dear All,
    I am facing a problem when pushing URI Keypad:1 to 5 after opening the network configuration menu, it's not working also i tried to push the URI Key:NavUp & Key:NavDwn also not working. pushing any thing to  the Cisco 7912 phone after opening the network configuration menu is not working.
    could you please help me in this issue as i want to open the network configurations menu to enable DHCP programmatically. or provide me with the  URL that open the network configurations menu.
    Best Regards,

    Subject: RE: Cisco 7912 URI problem
    Replied by: David Staudt on 10-11-2010 02:28:45 PM
    I believe this behaviour is by design as a security measure to prevent remote tampering with the device.  XML services communications are not secure, and it would be fairly simple for a malicious user to intercept the push credentials and reconfigure the device.