Adding COS and User Template

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    Subject: RE: Adding COS and User Template
    Replied by: PATRICK NOWICKI on 09-11-2010 08:24:47 PM
    Hi Ryan,
    I agree with your assessment. POST and PUT are not exposed in 7.1.3. Just FYI though, ucxn 8.5 is opening a bunch more options such as adding LDAP integrated users and schedules.  User templates and coses may be there as well.
    hope that helps!
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    Created by: Ryan LaFountain on 09-11-2010 08:10:18 PM
    I am new to CUPI but am trying to add a COS and User Template. Reading the 7.1.3-CUPI-WADL.xml file it seems that only GET is exposed to usertemplate and coses. Since I'm new I figured I would ask if I am interpreting the WADL correctly and if there is any way to add a COS or User Template through CUPI.

    Subject: RE: Adding COS and User Template
    Replied by: Ryan LaFountain on 15-12-2010 08:04:28 PM
    I see from the release notes that 8.5 has added additional functionality to CUPI but I don't see the interface or documentation posted here.
    Is there an ETA on when this will be posted?