Getting Device IP Address Problem

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    Created by: Marwa Ads on 09-11-2010 05:31:10 PM
    Dear All,
    I am trying to get the IP Addresses of 500 phones in CCM 4 using the IPAddressProvider class in cisco sdk ,
    about 200 phones of type 7911 return null for the ip address , also by opening the devicelist xml file i couldn't find this phones.
    could any one guide me in this problem.
    Best  Regards,

    Subject: RE: Getting Device IP Address Problem
    Replied by: David Staudt on 09-11-2010 06:47:16 PM
    Another possibility: the DevicelistX.asp script on CallManager filtered results by known device types of the day.  Many phone models introduced since then are of course not in that filter, probably including the 7911.  Some folks have hacked the DeviceListX.asp script to add in additional models they were interested in - I believe it's pretty straightforward to do so.  Note of course this is not officially supported and updates may overwrite the .asp file.

    Subject: RE: Getting Device IP Address Problem
    Replied by: Stephan Steiner on 09-11-2010 06:27:58 PM
    Still developing against CCM4? You do realize that there is a huge difference between 4 and subsequent releases, so everything you do, you have to redo (some of it pretty much from scratch.. e.g. just the thing you're asking about) once you upgrade (and eventually, even the last holdouts will have to fall).
    Anyway.. are those phones you're missing online and registered with CCM? It's been a very long while since I stopped using Devicelistx.aspx - but I recall from when I switched to the new method that I'd had to do a kind of virtual diff between the list of devices I was interested in, and what I got from the new method - unregistered devices simply didn't show up anymore.
    You might also miss out devices that are created but have never gone active (e.g. devices created by BAT.. they tend to have teh isActive flag set to false and working with them needs a somewhat different approach).