Abandoned calls Vs Service Level stats

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    Created by: ARVIND GUPTA on 08-11-2010 05:39:48 PM
    At present, for a CSQ, we have Service Level set to 20 secs. So any call that does not get answered within 20 secs, effects the Service Level Percentage in the CSQ Service Level Priority Summary Report.

    Service Level Percentage = Call handled within the service level (which in our case is 20 secs) / Total Call Presented (which includes the abandoned calls where caller drops off before 20 secs) * 100

    But, we are looking for a solution where, if the caller hangs up before
    20 secs (abandoned calls), it should not effect the Service Level
    Percentage. So as we can see from above formula, if somehow I can either mark the abandoned calls as handled or remove them from total calls presented should solve our issue. I believe this requires some advanced scripting for which I require some help.

    Subject: RE: Abandoned calls Vs Service Level stats
    Replied by: Steven Pawlak on 04-02-2011 09:21:58 AM
    Actually, this requires custom report writing. Since you only want your Total Calls to be all that are handled and those that abandon AFTER 20 seconds.

    Otherwise, if you want to get ugly, you could do something with the ContactInactiveException in the queue branch of SelectResource and then have some code that catches that and sets it as handled. I would also add a step that writes to one of the custom variables something so you know this was actually an abandon while in queue.