Visual Studio 2010 - adding service reference

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    Created by: MATHEW BEALL on 01-11-2010 10:01:39 PM
    Hi Folks,
    I feel pretty dumb but I have done about 800 google searches and just haven't come up with anything.  I am a perl/cgi-bin programmer who needs to try and create a windows program that hooks into the AXL Admin functions to automate some things in CallManager.  I have done some quick scripting in perl and using curl am able to get data/set data, so I know how that works but I didn't want to get so involved as to write a huge parser in perl.
    It appears that I need to take the .wsdl file and feed that into Visual Studio 2010 so it can create the functions for me to start working.
    The big question - how do I do this?  IN VS2010 I think I need to go to "add Service Reference" but that always points to a URL, I can't seem to be able to just feed it a file.  I have tried https://x.x.x.x:8443/ as the URL, and as the URL, and those didn't work either.
    I think maybe once I get past this little hurdle I can actually begin to work on this.

    Subject: RE: Visual Studio 2010 - adding service reference
    Replied by: MATHEW BEALL on 02-11-2010 02:32:40 PM
    Ok - I managed to figure this out... you are able to TYPE in a pathname instead of a URL and it works - it spit out errors but I recall seeing a file somewhere with tips on how to fix that....