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    Created by: Ross Stevenson on 29-10-2010 03:44:21 PM
    Hi there.
    I'm trying to get the photodirectory app running to then run the Callerinfo app.
    I can get it all setup to browse the service on the phone, but when performing the search it returns no users.
    The ldap section of the photodirectory.jsp sample file is setup as below
    String ldapServer = "";
    int ldapPort = 8404;
    String ldapRoot = "";
    String ldapUserId = "cn=Directory Manager,";
    String ldapPassword = "cisco";
    The above example in the file seems setup for pre CUCM 5, I'm trying to get this running on our CUCM 8 lab and integrated with AD.
    Has anyone managed to get this running?
    String ldapServer = "<IP of AD Server>";
    int ldapPort = 389;
    String ldapRoot ="dc=myvoicelab,dc=local";
    String ldapUserId ="cn=administrator,dc=myvoicelab, dc=local";
    String ldapPassword ="password";