Best default value for "importance"

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Created by: Christopher Verges on 25-10-2010 03:09:30 PM
Hi EnergyWise team,
When implementing an EnergyWise endpoint agent, what's the best default value to give for the "importance" of that agent entity and any child entities that it might have?
Although network managers must establish their own ranking, the following is a broad recommendation:
90 to 100 Emergency response
80 to 90  Executive or business critical
70 to 79  General or Average
60 to 69  Staff or support
40 to 59  Public or guest
1  to 39  Decorative or hospitality

This MIB also specifies the default value (DEFVAL) as 1.
Is "1" the best default value for all conditions?  If the best default value is situational, what guidelines can you provide to help an implementer determine the appropriate value for his/her product?

Subject: RE: Best default value for "importance"
Replied by: Christopher Verges on 01-11-2010 05:15:22 PM
Based on a separate thread, I understand that this value should be "1" by default.  Thanks to the team for clarifying!