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    Created by: Robert Rittenhouse on 21-10-2010 02:58:30 PM
    I am curious if it is possible to find out if someone is on the phone or not (regarless of their line). From reading other posts this data might not be accessible by AXL because its not stored in the CM database. Is this correct or is there a way to constantly query this to find out.
    My thought is to make a page that has each person listed and have their status (if they are on the phone or not) every so often. We are using Attendant console for this now but we are having major issues with it when using it for this specific application.
    Thank you

    Subject: Re: New Message from Robert Rittenhouse in Administration XML (AXL) - Admin
    Replied by: Johannes Krohn on 21-10-2010 03:05:19 PM
    You are right: it´s not possible to monitor a user´s presence state using
    AXL. To accomplish this you could either monitor the lines via JTAPI or use
    the presence APIs of Cisco Unified Presence Server: