IP Phone Services

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    Created by: Ibrahim Sayeed on 24-10-2010 10:15:43 AM
    I am new to IP Phone services part. I will appreciate comments for a beginner from the pro's.
    How do i approach to learn and implement services on ip phones.
    To start off i was trying to use codes provided with the SDK. Got the Calendar, clock services to work.
    Facing issues with weather service. Cud any1 provide me code or at least the site where i can get the weather info.

    Subject: RE: IP Phone Services
    Replied by: Evgneiy Kiriloff on 17-12-2010 07:17:38 AM
    Have found a free package of appendices for Cisco IP phones to site entelap.com.
    Now we hold testing of the given package of appendices while all to be pleasant!